Raised in Idaho, hunted in Idaho.

About Us

Twenty-five years ago I acquired my first wirehair, and I was hooked on these funny faced canines. Through the years I have sorted through dogs to find the best female to breed for my base. My Goal is to breed hunting dogs for the wild bird hunter. One of the characteristics I strive for is a small to medium size dog. They seem to have more endurance in the rough country where I hunt. Also, I look for dogs that mature early. With the proper exposure and training, I have shot birds over six month old dogs from my litters. I like dogs with intense pointing and style, natural retrieving and backing. With proper introduction most pups like the water and will retrieve from it at an early age.  I am striving to breed a dog that will hunt all day in various terrain and temperatures.

My occupation enables me to hunt four to five days a week. With long seasons and plenty of access to hunting ground, the dogs see a lot of birds. They are hunted on Sharp tail, Sage, Blue and Ruffed Grouse, Pheasant, Hungarian and Chukar Partridge, Quail and Duck. If a pup or started dog with these characteristics interests you, feel free to call or email me. References are available.

Thank You - Blair Davis